Are you looking for good hosting for your blog or Affiliate website? If yes, then this article is best for you. Here are the Best Web Hosting India 2021

Top 3 Best Web Hosting For India Websites (Blogs)

#1 Hostinger India

Hostinger is the best web hosting in India. Cheap and best and very user friendly user interface beginners also understand their Cpanel (Hpanel). One of the best Affordable web hosting in India, Up to 70% OFF Web Hosting Plans + Free SSL. Extremely fast, secure and user-friendly website hosting for your successful online projects

#2 Namecheap

Namecheap offers hosting plans that are secure, reliable, and high-performing for j​​​​ust $2.88/month. There’s a perfect hosting solution for every website.

#3 A2hosting

A2 Hosting is the fast hosting provider company in India. A2 hosting offering Shared Web Hosting to a complete, fully scalable product line featuring Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server solutions. Table Of ContentsTable Of Contents

List of Best Web Hosting in India 2020

Hosting CompanyFeaturesDeals
HOSTINGER100 Websites
100 Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
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A2 HOSTINGUnlimited Websites 
Unlimited SSD Storage
Free Automatic Backups
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NAMECHEAPUnlimited Websites
Unmetered SSD
Free CDN
Free SSL
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BLUEHOSTUnlimited Websites
Unlimited SSD Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate
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SITEGROUNDUnlimited Websites
20 GB Web Space
Unmetered Traffic
Free SSL
Free CDN
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List Of Best Web Hosting in India 2021

If you are a Blogger, Digital Marketer, or Owner of a business you must be knowing that India is at its digitalization age. Everyone is shifting towards it even if it is a small business or a huge empire, They are making websites or online businesses to attract more clients to gain more profit.

But what you need to maintain a website is the name of your online business which is spelled as “Domain Name” in this field and most important is choosing the best web hosting that will host your site and make it live on the internet.

There are many web hosting providers available, but choosing the best one for yourself is a competitive task. So, here is my post to help you choose the best website hosting according to your requirements.

There are plenty of things to be kept in mind before choosing a web hosting. But before that, I would like to show you the best performing website hosting companies in India. I selected these companies by keeping in mind some important factors like Speed, Customer support, Budget Friendliness, Uptime of website, and much more that will surely help you.

Best Web Hosting Company in India


Best Web Hosting in India
Cheap and Best Hostinger India

Hostinger first came on the market in 2004 and after some years of their passionate work, they started ruling the market with their web hosting services. But you must be thinking about why people started choosing it among many options, the answer is its affordable prices. You can host a single website on Hostinger as low as 59 Rs. per month. That’s less than a Burger price I know.

It has multiple plants to be selected. Every plan utilizes different resources like bandwidth and storage sizes. It’s up to you to choose the one according to your necessity.

Let’s talk about some important factors of Hostinger :

Speed of Hostinger

The speed of websites hosting on Hostinger varies differently in different countries. But as we are talking about India the average speed of the website is 99 ms. which is quite good according to the price structure.

Customer support of Hostinger

Hostinger provides excellent customer support. They will help you with technical difficulties and solving them in a matter of minutes. I know most of the people don’t have any technical background so you can go with Hostinger to set up a site without any trouble.

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A2 Hosting

A2Hosting-Promocode couponcode offer
Best Hosting Company in India

A2 Hosting is the game-changer in terms of customer support and additional services that they provide free of cost. They provide A2 optimized WP along with free site migration plus anytime money-back guarantee.

I must say that it is a bit costly from Hostinger as it is much better in terms of service. It also has different plans for each consumer base ranging from 224 Rs per month to 7465 Rs. per month.

Each plan has a different bandwidth size and storage capacity. Let’s talk about some important factors of A2 Hosting :

Speed of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting also has huge servers all around the globe. In India, the average speed of the website hosted on A2 Hosting without a turbo plan is 163 ms. Which is good enough to start your online carrier.

Customer support of A2 Hosting

In terms of customer support, A2 Hosting can compete with big Giants like Siteground. They provide incredible fast support to their customer’s queries and questions.

But I would like to add that sometimes connecting to the support team takes time, But after getting connected believe it they will solve the problem for sure. They even migrate your site free of cost.

What I loved most is their relevance that they offer anytime money-back guarantee. Let me explain you-

For example, you purchased a hosting package and after some time you don’t want to work on it then you can ask them for a refund of the remaining months that’s great right.

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Bluehost Promocode couponcode offer
Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is a great hosting if you are thinking of WordPress hosting. I must include that it is the only hosting that WordPress recommends to its users. So, there is nothing to think about its quality. It’s definitely the best hosting provider, especially for WordPress hosting.

Its price structure is so-so i.e. not so costly and neither cheap.

The hosting package on Bluehost starts from 199 Rs. per month plus a one-month money-back guarantee.

Its Bandwidth and storage capacity is not unlimited like other hostings.

Speed of Bluehost

The speed of Bluehost hosting is not so good. They do have many servers and data centers in many countries. but according to me, the speed is not up to the mark. The average speed of the website hosted on Bluehost is 330 ms in India. It’s quite less as compared to other big hosting providers like Hostinger, Siteground, etc.

Customer support of Bluehost

The customer support is quite friendly and fast. They won’t let you wait much. But if you are looking for fast hosting this is definitely not an ideal match for your India based website. It’s data centers are based in the US that’s why its speed is slow in India.

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Siteground Promocode couponcode offer
No #1 Hosting Company in India & World – Siteground

Here comes one of the most favorite hosting providers of mine. Siteground has been working in this field since 2004. I must include that the pricing of the Siteground is quite high but It’s worth it. It is one of the fastest hosting providers available. Its service is secure and ultimately fast.

You can rely on this hosting provider for your projects whether small or big ones. The basic hosting package for a single website starts from 523 Rs per month.

The basic package has limited bandwidth and storage.

If you need unlimited bandwidth or more storage you can go with other packages.

Speed of Siteground

Siteground offers extremely fast website speed. They claim about 20,00,000 domains are hosted on Siteground. The average speed of the website hosted on Siteground is 66 ms in Indian servers. This speed is much higher than any other hosting provider in this list.

Customer support of Siteground

Customer support of Siteground is incredibly fast and reliable. They offer 24×7 customer support and among all the hosting providers listed here. Additional benefit that Siteground provides is a free SSL certificate for your site. So, if you can afford this, I will definitely be suggesting you to go with it.

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Hosting Namecheap Hosting Plan and Offer
Affordable Web Hosting in India

As the name reflects it is a worthy web hosting at an affordable price. Its most popular plans are shared hosting plans where the minimum cost for maintaining 3 websites is 107 INR for a month if you take it for at least a year.

Otherwise on a monthly basis it costs around 215 INR for a single month. If you are new to this field and want to host your first ever website then it’s a good option to go with.

If you are an experienced marketer or business owner. Then, I will recommend this hosting provider as it doesn’t have much authority in the market. They are mainly known as good domain registrants but additionally they offer hosting services.

Speed of Namecheap

The speed of Namecheap hosting is quite slow. The average speed of a website hosted on Namecheap is 687 ms almost twice as slow as Bluehost. So, it fails in terms of speed. And they say they have 100% uptime which I personally don’t believe.

Customer support

Customer support of namecheap is like being on an average mark means not so good neither bad. This hosting is best for newbies to learn about the field. But not for actual projects with high values.

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How to choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

There are plenty of things to look at before buying web hosting. So, let’s have a look at them,

Customer Support

It is indeed the most important aspect to look before buying a good web hosting. Working on a website and maintaining it requires some technical skills. It is obvious that everyone does not have these skills. So, here comes the part of the support team which helps their customers by giving proper guidance about the issue and helping him/her resolving it. The best hosting includes 24 * 7 support systems. So, must check about it before choosing one for yourself.


Uptime of the website means the website is live and available on the internet. If a website goes down many times it will definitely affect your rankings and user experience.

It is recommended that you should select a hosting provider with the best uptime guarantee.


Speed is another most important part in choosing a good hosting. The speed of the website refers to the loading speed of the website at the visitor’s end. If a website is unable to load in some seconds then visitors will definitely go back from the website without visiting it once.

Also, speed plays an important role in google rankings. If the loading time of the website is high, Google will not prefer ranking it in the first place.

So, it’s extremely important to choose a hosting with better speed.


There are so many hacking attempts done in today’s world. So to save yourself from such attacks must choose a website with additional security against malware or hacking attempts.

Renewable Cost

Some hosting providers have high renewable costs. sometimes double than the actual one. So, must check the renewable cost before choosing a web hosting.

Additional benefits

There are web hosting providers that have additional benefits like Money back guarantee, Free SSL certificate or Free site migration, and much more. Always look for such opportunities before choosing the best web hosting.

Best Budget Web Hosting India 2021

Hostinger is the best web hosting in India. Cheap and best and very user-friendly user interface beginners also understand their Cpanel (Hpanel). One of the best Affordable web hosting in India, Its single website pack starts from 59 INR for a month. This basic plan includes-

  • 1 website
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Hostinger India Pros

  • Fast Loading
  • Budget Friendly Hosting
  • FREE SSL Certificate

Hostinger India Cons

Less Resources allocated.

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A2 Hosting Pros and Cons

Overall Best Hosting

The overall best tag goes to A2 Hosting. It is affordable, provides the value of service, has good customer support, and provides some additional benefits to their customers free of cost like site migration. Its single website pack starts from 224 INR for a month. This plan includes –

  • 1 Website
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • Free SSL
  • 24 * 7 Customer Support
  • Free Site Migration
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • FREE Cloudflare CDN

a2Hosting India Pros

  • Reliable
  • Fast Hosting with Turbo boost
  • Pre Installed WordPress
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Email Address

A2 Hosting India Cons

  • Price Little Bit expensive compare with Hostinger

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So these were the Best Web Hosting providers.

Thank you for reading the article, I hope it helped you in some way.

If you have any query or recommendations feel free to contact us