Top 7 Best WordPress Hosting in Dubai List



  • Fast page loading
  • Automatic backup
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee
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  • Free Domain
  • One-click WordPress Installations
  • Enhanced security
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  • Three days of a free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Fastest servers
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A2 Hosting

  • Ultimate bandwidth & storage
  • Any time money-back
  • Free migration
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  • Fast SSD storages
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Free trial with 90 days
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  • Dubai Based Servers
  • Free domain registration
  • 30 days of a money-back
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  • Excellent server speeds
  • Free DDOS protection
  • Echo-friendly web hosting
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  • Trusted by 20 million customers
  • World’s most popular domain registrar
  • Great server location choices
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Best WordPress Hosting Dubai

Dubai is a well-known tourist destination that is visited by thousands of people every day, which opens up tremendous business opportunities for your online company.

The first step in establishing an online presence in your area is by choosing a good hosting company that can store all your website data on fast servers so that your customers can easily purchase your products and services from your company.

So if you are planning to start your own online business in Dubai, follow our guide of Top 7 Best WordPress Hosting Dubai to get the perfect Hosting according to your needs.

Moreover, our list contains services that offer an affordable price with some great features like SSL and free domain & 24/7 customer support to get your WordPress website up and running in very little time.

How to chooses a perfect Hosting?

Choosing a hosting company for your business can turn out to be a tricky job that would require some searching and compare between different options available in the market to get an ideal hosting service that offers the best value for money plans to its uses.

You should first determine your needs in a hosting company like reliability, availability, upgrades, capabilities, addons, etc. to get a specific set of features which you can later check in our list of the top 7 best WordPress hosting Dubai to get everything that you need in a single package.

Top 7 Best WordPress Hosting Dubai Review


Bluehost Best Web Hosting 2020 - Domains - WordPress
Bluehost Hosting – Domains – WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is powering more than 2 million domains and websites for the past decade with high-speed servers that make the page loading time faster than other competitors in the industry.

They offer a set of different plans like shared hosting, VPS, managed WordPress, dedicated servers, etc. on their website with unique addon features that increase the efficiency of their packages.

In Addition, their Data Centers are present all over the world to offer a great reach to their users making them a perfect solution for light-weighted modern websites.

Bluehost is also considered the world’s leading web hosting provider with renowned hosting solutions in Dubai which is why it is officially recommended by WordPress as a great hosting provider to run your WordPress website on.

Bluehost Hosting Pros:

  • Fast page loading speeds with free SSL.
  • Automatic backup pre-enabled on servers.
  • Affordable services starting from $2.75/month.
  • 24 hours of customer care support.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

Bluehost Hosting Cons:

  • Some users have faced minor issues with customer care.


Hostinger Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting
Hostinger Cheap and Best WordPress Hosting

Hostinger is a world-class hosting company that offers five-star packages and it has been grown exponentially since 2004 to become the best value for money hosting providers all over the world.

Hosting also offers a set of custom WordPress plants and supports to give you a one-click installation for making your WordPress websites in minutes.

You also get a choice for selecting between their single, premium, or business plan that is being used by more than 29 million people all around the world with a stable uptime and great service speeds.

Moreover, Hostinger displays its service and uptime data on its website publicly so you can easily trust them before you decide to spend money on their services which makes them an ideal hosting company for any starter business.

Hostinger Hosting Pros:

  • Offers great customer support in over 20 languages.
  • One-click WordPress Installations.
  • Free Domain with any hosting plans.
  • Enhanced security with regular maintenance.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and a great user interface.

Hostinger Hosting Cons:

  • Their basic plan offers limited features.


Cloudways Best Cloud Hosting
Cloudways: Best Cloud Hosting Company

Cloudways is a managed hosting platform that offers its customers to run online applications like a website or an app on their multiple cloud servers scattered all over the world.

They are known to offer reliable performance with fast network speeds making them ideal for any online business owner to make their products fast and secure at a reasonable amount of price.

Cloudways provides a lot of features like monitoring, management, and security with a fully loaded control panel that you can use to make changes without knowing any programming languages.

Moreover, You can start your free trial at Cloudways without any credit card and you can test the platform for 3 days to make up your mind about their management and functionality.

Cloudways Hosting Pros:

  • Three days of a free trial.
  • No credit card required.
  • Easy to user services.
  • Fastest servers in the industry.
  • Reliable & knowledgeable support.

Cloudways Hosting Cons:

  • No cPanel is provided.
  • No root access.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Website 20X FASTER Web Hosting WordPress Hosting
A2 Hosting 20X FASTER WordPress Hosting

A2 web hosting is a company that has been around for years as it was started in 2001 and it has grown exponentially since that day.

In Addition, They have offered some of the latest features in their services with turbo fast servers that other hosting providers failed to do making them crucial for large business projects.

A2 has made its name for the fast and reliable web hosting company that offers a great up-time guarantee to most of its existing customers and in previous year statics, they have made a record for providing a 100% uptime.

In terms of page loading, performance and speed A2 hosting hit the mark with SSD storages that are twenty times faster than and other competitions which gives them a futuristic power.

A2 Hosting Hosting Pros:

  • Ultimate bandwidth & storage.
  • Free migration with an SSL certificate.
  • Any time money-back guarantee.
  • Turbo speed servers with SSD storage.
  • Multiple packs to satisfy every hosting need.

A2 Hosting Hosting Cons:

  • Expensive than another hosting.
  • Complicated plan structure.


InMotion Hosting Web Hosting Secure, Fast, Reliable
InMotion Hosting Web Hosting Secure, Fast, Reliable

InMotion is also a company that was founded in 2001 and it has grown quite a bit in the last decades with moreover 300,000 customers because they offer fast, reliable, and high-quality web hosting services that make its name in the hosting industry.

InMotion’s starter pack is usually sufficient for most of the users as they let you host two websites simultaneously on a single plan with most of the advanced features like SSL, daily backup, ultimate storage, and free transferred to give you a user-friendly experience.

If you own a small agency or you’re are a freelancer and you want to host multiple websites on their servers at a cheaper price then Inmotion is a perfect choice that won’t disappoint you.

InMotion Hosting Pros:

  • Fast SSD storages with root access.
  • Free trial with 90 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • Good support with daily backup.
  • Features quick installations.
  • Easy to use cPanel.

InMotion Hosting Cons

  • Limited RAM on VPS servers.
  • Data centers are only available in the USA.


tasjeel ae Website Hosting UAE Web Hosting Company UAE Web Hosting Company

Tasjeel was first introduced to customers of Dubai in 2009, providing a wide range of services for small businesses, designers, developers, and agencies to get their products online quickly and easily without depending on an international hosting brand.

They mainly focus on cities in the Middle East with unique web addresses and reliable cloud services. Tasjeel’s goal is to provide professional online hosting solutions for their customers in a way that is convenient and easy to understand for beginners.

In addition, they have 11 years of experience in this industry to offer the best technical solutions with cloud-based servers that allow you to grow your online business in your area smoothly and seamlessly.

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Tasjeel Hosting Pros:

  • Free domain registration with every hosting.
  • Offers daily and weekly backup.
  • Built-in WordPress support.
  • Easy to understand cPanel & dashboard.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

Tasjeel Hosting Cons:

  • Their customer support is moderate.


GreenGeeks® Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Hosting
GreenGeeks® Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Hosting

Greengeeks was founded in 2006 as an eco-friendly web hosting company in the US to offer premium hosting services worldwide with rentable energy servers.

Greengeeks have several data centers in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands to fulfill all of the needs of their customers with hosting plans for shared hosting, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

The entry-level systems offered by GreenGeeks provide cutting-edge technology with robust, scalable, and performance-oriented servers that are ready to install powerful applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Recently, in 2018, GreenGeeks launched its latest plans that combine all the main features of other competitors with added benefits, that are ideal for any developer to build a perfect website.

GreenGeeks Hosting Pros:

  • Excellent server speeds.
  • Free DDOS protection and SSL certificate.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee.
  • Three different server locations.
  • Echo-friendly web hosting.

GreenGeeks Hosting Cons:

  • Expensive compared to competitors.


In 2020 in GoDaddy is a global dominator in web hosting solutions that has provided its services to millions of people at the cheapest price possible with lots of discounts from their modern data centers present different parts of the country.

GoDaddy offers free domain services with their hosting plans that you can take advantage of and you can even use their special discount coupons that are available on specific occasions to strike a better deal at a favorable price.

In Addition, GoDaddy is an all-time favorite company for most of the customers with their great uptime and reliable customer support to keep your online business up and running without any problems.

GoDaddy Hosting Pros:

  • Trusted by 20 million customers.
  • World’s most popular domain registrar.
  • 99.99% of Uptime guarantee.
  • Great server location choices.
  • Amazing customer support.

GoDaddy Hosting Cons:

  • Page loading speeds are a little less than competitors.


That concludes our list of best WordPress hosting Dubai that you can buy right now to get an amazing day with lots of features that will help you increase your business sales through the roof in a short period.

You should choose a hosting service according to your needs but if you are still confused about which one should you select then we would recommend you to go for our first choice which is Bluehost.

We would recommend Bluehost officially anyone because they have a large customer base with lots of plans that can cover everyone’s expectations and there are no major complaints regarding them.

So you can expect great performance with lots of user-friendly features at a reasonable price in Dubai with Bluehost.