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Our Keyword Research Tool is a really helpful free tool for bloggers, YouTubers, webmasters, and marketers who want to increase their traffic from the organic search engine “Google”.

Long Tail Keyword Generator Free Tool

In today’s time, most bloggers have come to know how Google Searches works. How keywords are most important in Google Search. If you are also among them, then you must know that visitors or users do not use a single keyword for any query, rather they use about three, four, or more when they are used for something. I have to know.

For example, if a user wants to roam in Indian areas then he will not search only “India” in his search query. This is because by doing this, he is going to get such search results that will not be of any use to him. Rather he can search,

By searching four to five keywords, the search engine will provide them sites that will be useful for them.

Internet marketers and bloggers understand this thing or concept, so they always search for long tail keywords to use in their websites. By doing this, they get the right audience in their websites or blogs. Therefore, if you want to get the right traffic then you must use long tail keywords in your blog or website pages.

Search engines are very vicious and clever in this case, they store those long tail keywords that these websites use in their databases. In such a situation, when a visitor searches for those specific keywords, then the search engine shows them all these websites that match with their keywords.

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What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are keywords in which three or more words are used. These Longtail keywords are very specific. That is, if Biryani is a shorttail keyword, then “How to make biryani”, How to make Chicken Biryani at home, etc. are all LongTail keywords.

Customers of these keywords use them only when they know what they want or want to buy. In most cases, these specific searches are actually the most converted to sales, if the website offers exactly what a customer wants. LongTail keywords always target the right audience.

Apart from this, long tail keywords are quite easy to get ranked, because there are less searches in it which reduces their competition compared to others. It is never easy for a new Blogger to be able to compete with other big authority sites in Short Keyword. Because it may take them a long time to get their site ranked in Google.

Long Tail Keyword Finder Free

Now that you have come to know very well what are these long-tail keywords, now the question comes that how to find them. Because no Hindi Keyword Planner is available at the present time, for Hindi Bloggers, all the Paid Option is available.

So this “Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool” presented by can be useful for you if you are really looking for the right keywords. All you have to do is to enter your keywords on the search bar and choose the option of Basic or Advanced below. A lot of relevant keywords are present in front of you as you search Search. Which you can also export if you want.

Now when you have a treasure trove of keywords in front of you, then what is the delay, you can generate many ideas by looking at these keywords. This “Keyword Research Tool” is going to be really very handy for all of you, even if you are not doing any online work. In this, you can search English keywords along with Hindi very easily.

By using these, you can rank your Blogs and Videos above in Google Search Results. Remember that to be successful in Blogging, you must use Longtail Keywords.

Hopefully, you will like our tool very much, if you have learned to use it correctly then you can easily start your online earning. And all the good things are absolutely free to use it. Then let’s start our Keyword Research.