Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Below is our comprehensive Web Hosting Guide for beginners to web hosting. It is simplified and well outlined to help you understand all about web hosting and to finally be able to choose your perfect web hosting provider based on your requirements!

Common Features of Web Hosting Plans

  • Server Type
  • Disk Type
  • Bandwidth Per Month
  • E-Mail Accounts

What is Server Type?

This refers to the type of server operating system running on the web server. Windows 2000 and Linux are common server types. For a basic website, the server type will generally not matter. However, in case of a complicated web content that requires database functions and features dynamic pages, then the server type should be a major consideration

What is Disk Space?

This refers to the amount of actual space available to you for storing your website on the webserver hard drive. All the files that make up your web site (such as HTML files, graphics, and multimedia content) determine the amount of disk space you need. The more disk space and the more bandwidth you receive, the higher the cost of the hosting account.

What is Bandwidth Per Month?

This tells you the amount of website traffic your account is allowed and is available to your website. Each time a visitor opens a website owned by you, data has to be passed to your server to the user’s systems through the Internet. This transfer of data from the web server hosting your site to the browser of the web site visitor viewing your site accounts for bandwidth usage. High traffic sites such as Yahoo and YouTube have huge bandwidth requirements as compared to an average web site.

E-Mails Accounts

This refers to the number of email accounts you can have with the web hosting company.

Types of Web Hosting?

A number of web hosting setups are available. Depending upon your website and budget allocation, any of these may be the right type. You will find below a description of the general types of web hosting services.

  1. Free Web Hosting
  2. Shared Web Hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)
  4. Dedicated Web Hosting
  5. Co Located Web Hosting
  6. Reseller Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

It is not very difficult to get free web hosting accounts, which is best for small websites owned by small businesses. These accounts have their functionality limited by the display of banner ads at the top of every page. Most of such accounts allow you only to have your website address as a sub-domain of the hosting company. e.g. www.yoursitename.freehosting.com. Some free accounts may also allow you to use your own domain name pointed to your free hosting account. This is called Free Subdomain hosting.

To help you determine if free web hosting is just right for you, we have listed several points of consideration. If you can answer �Yes� to each of the following criteria, then free web hosting is just what you need:

  •  Ads at the top of every page on my website do not bother me.
  • The reliability and performance of my internet website is not a matter of concern to me.
  • I do not need any customer support.
  • My website is very small and will never grow.

7 Best Free Web Hosting List

  1. ProFreeHost.com
  2. Infinityfree.net
  3. Ultimatefreehost.in
  4. Freehosting.io
  5. Googiehost.com
  6. 10xhosting.com
  7. 000webhost.com

Shared Web Hosting

This is considered as the most commonly used type of web hosting set up due to its low-cost benefits. You need to pay a monthly fee for a paid shared hosting, also known as virtual hosting. This fee is required in order to get a portion of the resources that you share with others on the server. Only a small amount of disk space accompanied by a low amount of bandwidth is available for very low-cost plans. However, this may not be a problem in the case of the vast majority of websites. Generally, when you opt for a cheap virtual hosting plan, your website is one amongst hundreds of other websites hosted on the same server.

Therefore, in such cases, reliability may suffer which is not the case with plans that are slightly more expensive

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

Companies often use this type of web hosting account. These companies usually expect mid to high levels of traffic. Virtual private servers may in general cost five to seven times more than shared hosting. However, as compared to a dedicated server it is, in all probabilities, going to be much more affordable.

Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web host allows you to host your website on a fully dedicated server. Apart from a lot of freedom, the hosting plan accompanies the ability to host potentially hundreds of websites. In the case of dedicated hosting, the owner has full access to the server just like you have access to your PC at home. In general, dedicated servers are generally useful to and reserved for large e-commerce websites or for people who want to start their own hosting company and sell shared hosting accounts. This is an essential requirement for such sites because they may get a few hundred to thousands of visitors.

Although a consecrated server (popularly known as a dedicated server) is more reliable, it is much more expensive costing at least $100 a month as compared to a $1 to $20 price range of a shared hosting plan.

It is significant to understand that two different types of dedicated hosting plans exist in the market, namely: unmanaged hosting and managed hosting. In managed hosting, the web host company is in greater control.

On the other hand, in unmanaged dedicated web hosting, the server administrator is the user and is permitted to use the greatest amount of flexibility and control. Unfortunately, unmanaged hosting takes more time because it is complicated as compared to a managed hosting solution.

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A2 Hosting Dedicated Hosting

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Co-Located Hosting

This type of hosting is much similar to dedicated hosting, except that you own the server rather than rent it. Your server is placed in the datacenter and connected to the Internet through the web-hosting provider’s fast Internet connection. You will then pay a fee for maintenance and bandwidth.

Reseller Web Hosting

Emerged in recent times, small businesses and entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to profit from the flourishing web hosting industry, as a reseller of hosting services. You purchase a service plan, as a reseller, from the hosting service provider. Such reseller plans are equipped with fixed bandwidth, disk storage space, and features. Thus, such a reseller-hosting plan provides you, looking to build your presence online, with the business ammunition to sell web hosting plans to customers.

You just need to pay a flat fee and have the potential to generate substantial income from your investment. This makes this type of arrangement extremely attractive. In addition, with a reseller account, you become eligible to run your hosting business seamlessly and transparently as an established company.